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M/T Maersk Belfast, picture of the vessel I serviced for

Over the years, I have been learning and adapting to multiple workflows, roles and technologies.

I am willing to help you overcome difficulties when grasping challenges that relate to changes of the work place, modifications of job positions or simply, getting comfortable with the unknowns of new technologies and “start-over”s.

I will be sharing example stories from my personal experience or I will be noting down pinpoint tutorials that helped me to understand early concepts and figure out my way.

I graduated the as a Navigation and Maritime Transport Engineer/Officer of the Watch back in 2002.

Beginning with 2001 I started studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Computing at the which I completed in 2005.

As a further step, I enrolled the 2 years Master’s Degree at the same university for “Accounting Information Systems” .

I like to learn. It makes me feel moving.

My current commitment is : IT Development Manager/ Software Development Team Lead with .

I have been working and we feel comfortable with :

  • INFOR LN ERP ( ) software
  • Tools in the Microsoft SQL Server suite: T-SQL, SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Report Builder, Visual Studio Data Tools
  • Tools in the Microsoft Office Family: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Forms, Visual Basic for Applications and VBScript
  • Data Visualization Tools: Power BI Desktop and Web
  • Programming Languages and Frameworks: .NET and Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, ASP.NET WebForms
  • Web Development : HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript
  • Linux Command Line (Linux CLI)

As I am starting this blog, I am in my early stages of learning and dealing with:

  • Embedded Linux : Yocto Project
  • Cross platform development: Qt Core, Qt Widgets, QML

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10+ years of experience in a blend of mentoring, programming, business intelligence, people and logistics management ::

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